Body Piercing by Lynn Fearn
Body Piercing (Needle) Navel (Belly Button) Choice of colours, jewelled bar.  £25.00 ~ Eyebrow/ Lip/ Labret/ Tragus £25.00 with bar £20.00 with ring ~ Nipple £20.00 for one £35.00 pair ~ Tongue £25.00 + £5 for bar change after 3 weeks ~ Genital Piercings Please call for details.  Over 18s only.  ~ Gun Piercing Ear Piercing £15.00 per pair £8.00 one/ top ear ~ Nose Piercing £8.00 (16 years without parental consent) Please Note:  Age restrictions apply.  No one under the age of 14 years will be pierced.  Age 14 to 18 years will require a parent present at piercing to sign consent form.  Please call for appointments or to ask for more details.  Appointments are not always necessary.  Consultations and advice are free!